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Our dog training school has over 250 great reviews on Google and Facebook.

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We have over 20 years of experience training puppies and dogs of all breeds.

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Our proven training methods will help you and your your dog achieve reliable results.

About Lee Valley Dog Training School

Committed To Excellence in Dog Owner Education

At Lee Valley Dog Training School we offer personalised, reward-based training for dogs and their owners throughout London and Hertfordshire. Using our versatile dog training expertise, we are able to train dogs to be more obedient, compete in agility or tracking challenges, protect homes, or even work in the security industry. We offer owners the chance to enhance their dog’s natural abilities using fun, practical techniques.

We can also help your dog overcome any behavioural issues, such as aggression and anxiety. Contact Lee Valley Dog Training School today for successful behaviour modification solutions and personalised training programmes.

Our clients love us

Customer Google Reviews

Rosalyn Jones
Rosalyn Jones
We joined Lee Valley dog training school with a nervous puppy and were so pleased with the relaxed and supportive team of trainers. Cleo was made to feel welcome and within a couple of months passed puppy school and graduated to adult classes. The team are always so friendly, positive and keen to provide additional tips and support where they can. This is a really excellent school for teaching and supporting you to work hard with your dog to achieve the best possible behaviour.
Abbi Brady
Abbi Brady
We started our training with a reactive and nervous puppy who we were struggling to keep on the right track. Winston and the team helped us not only fix her reactivity but build her confidence in so many positive ways. We now have a joy of a dog due to her training and she gets good mental stimulation every week in the form of puppy classes which she now loves. We couldnt be more grateful for the guidance and training from the school, our teenage puppy has a healthy outlet in the form of training and is a completely different dog. Thank you LVDTS
Diana Newberry
Diana Newberry
Had our first puppy training session this morning. Everyone was very welcoming and Chip had a wonderful time. Can't wait for next week 😊!!
Malcolm Brigden
Malcolm Brigden
Had to stop lessons here a few months back after paying a bulk booking. Options were offered to make use of the funds, but none which we could make use of. Our dog couldn't settle here.
Sally Pugh
Sally Pugh
We had fun on our first puppy training, lovely people to help you where needed. Winston and the team have been very helpful over the last 8 lessons, show me where I was going wrong and the better ways to do it. We have had a very enjoyable time in puppy school and I would definitely recommend it to start you puppy training.
Alan Gibbs
Alan Gibbs
great session this morningl learnt a lot .Looking forward to next weeks session.
Anita Rossi
Anita Rossi
We had our second home visit and definitely recommend. Was nice to have been told of noticeable progress from us and puppy! Completely tailored for our needs and nothing was a silly question. Can't wait to start puppy classes today!
l tarry
l tarry
Winston was an amazing trainer, took my 5 month Lab x for a private session and the results have been great! I can’t wait for the puppy classes! Thank you so much!
OUR Dog Trainings Schools

Making Your Dog’s World Better

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. We help dog owners with puppies, middle-aged or even old dogs. Read how we can help you improve your dog’s obedience or stop unwanted behaviours.

Puppy School

Foundation level training helping new puppy owners master the basics.

Middle School

Intermediate dog training for those working towards their bronze award.

Older Dog School

Advanced dog training for those working towards their silver or gold award.

What we help with

Common Dog Behavioural Problems

Our trainers help pet owners across London and Hertfordshire improve communication with their dogs and control unwanted behaviour. Below are some of the key behavioural issues we help with.

House Training

Introducing your dog to their new home and teaching them basic house rules.

Lead Pulling

Teaching your dog general walking etiquette such as walking to heel.

Poor Recall

Training your dog to come to you on command improving recall.

Jumping Up On People

We can help you train your dog to stop jumping up at people.

Separation anxiety

We can help your dog manage anxiety while being home alone.

Begging For & Stealing Food

Stop unwanted begging at the dinner table and even food stealing.

Resource Guarding

We can help stop your dog from guarding food or anything else.

Growling & Biting

Training your dog to stop them from growing or biting.

Why Choose leevalley dog training school

Choose us to help train your dog

Lee Valley Dog Training School has been helping dog owners like you create loving and loyal relationships with their dogs for over 20 years.

Experienced Trainers

With over 20 years of dog training experience and having worked with dogs of all breeds and temperaments you are in safe hands with us.

Training That Works

Our trainers use proven training methods which will help you communicate more effectively with your dog and achieve reliable results.

Safety First

Our secure outdoor training environment is ideal for safe dog training. We also offer custom training packages if your dog has special behavioural needs.


More Happy Clients

Winston and Team are just fabulous, can't recommend them enough. The 1-2-1 home visit when we first got the pup was great, really useful and confidence giving, it helped us work through potential challenges particularly with using the crate. Following this we have attended weekly puppy training group sessions and it has been a delight to see both the pup and my daughter develop and learn together, and looking forward to further fun now he has moved up to Middle School! There is a lovely informal vibe at the school, whilst still being very professional, and any nerves my daughter had about taking part were completely negated. The flexibility is also great - you can pay as you go and don't have to sign up for a set period, or attend every week which means you really can fit around other commitments.

Jess culver Google Review

We just finished our one on one session with our 9 week Rhodesian ridgeback pup Maui. After only a few days we found ourselves overwhelmed- not sure if we were doing enough or doing things the right way- anxiety was starting to set in- some may call it the puppy blues- but after one hour with Winston we feel relieved, refreshed and most of all excited for the journey ahead. He listened to our very long list of questions and qualms and gave us amazing advice which is working instantly- we feel ready to continue steering our puppy to be happy and healthy dog. Winston thank you so much, we can’t wait to join your puppy classes once Maui is fully vaccinated.

Limor Matthias-Joel Google Review

I've gone to LVDT since my dog was a puppy. Highly rate them and one of the only dog training schools that offer drop in training, rather than having to sign up for a course. I've learnt so much and the trainer, Winston is really positive and chilled. My puppy hit adolescence at lockdown which was really tough. I arranged a one hour home visit with Winston, the trainer, once lockdown eased and I can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever done. The transformation was unbelievable and just one hour of my time. The change in my dog is so noticeable that I've been asked for Winston's number several times. I can't thank these guys enough.

Jo Newman Google Review

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