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We are fully-equipped and highly-trained to provide effective dog training to pet owners and dog handlers.

About Lee Valley Dog Training School

Lee Valley Dog Training School helps owners create loving and loyal relationships with their pets. We have been in the dog training industry for over 18 years and offer training based on a mutual understanding between trainer, owner and canine. We use simple and effective reward-based training which appeals to how dogs think.

Why Our Training Works

  • Results-Driven - Our trainers use proven training methods to help clients achieve reliable results.
  • Focus on Loyalty and Communication - Our trainers help owners and handlers communicate more effectively with their dogs by strengthening the connection between them.
  • Personalised Packages - Our trainers assess your situation and tailor their approach accordingly.

Our Founder’s Story - Winston Cadogan

After losing my mother at a young age, I lost my confidence to connect with other people. By spending quality time with my German Shepherd, I was able to reach a more well-balanced emotional state, which, in turn, helped me engage better with people.

While attending school, I worked at a veterinary surgery. After graduating, I gained my qualification in veterinary nursing. In addition, I also completed certified courses in Fire Safety and First Aid. I then went on to complete my instructor’s certificate at the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT) and proved my ability to train dogs. By mentoring several trainers, I have learnt many dog training techniques which help me in training dogs with various problems.

Through training dogs, I was able to gain a special understanding of how they think. This led me to realise my dream of helping owners create healthier relationships with their dogs.

I then decided to go into the security industry and train dogs for security purposes. This led me to train several of my own dogs including German Shepherds, Rottweilers and various bull breeds. My dogs and I then went on to compete in several security trials.

I competed in working trials with my Belgian Shepherd and together, we have achieved several titles. We went on to compete in the Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung (IPO) formerly known as Schutzhund, which is a competitive three-part dog sport. This is where we achieved a B-Grade Helpers License. We also became involved with the United Kingdom Tracking Association and work our way up to gain an Expert Tracking Certificate.


  • Agility Winner at the United Kingdom Patrol and Protection Alliance (UKPPDA).
  • Achieved CDX, UDX and WDX in Working Trials.
  • Successfully completed Lorokmore Security Dog Challenge.

For a free dog diagnosis over the phone or at home, contact Lee Valley Dog Training School today. Call us on 01992463369 or send an email to info@leevalleydogtrainingschool.co.uk .

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Areas of Expertise

Lee Valley Dog Training School are specialists in canine behaviour modification and training. Our aim is to help owners eliminate behavioural problems and train dogs effectively.