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Friendly and Professional Dog Walking in London and Hertfordshire

Busy work schedules and other commitments often prevent us from giving our dogs the attention they truly deserve. Lee Valley Dog Training School offers reliable, personalised dog walking services for pet owners living or working in and around London and Hertfordshire.
Our mission is to make our walk the highlight of any dog’s day. We will arrange to collect your dog from your home at a time which suits you and take them on a walk to nearby parks or play areas. You can request that we either walk your dog individually or as part of a group of other dogs in the area. Our dog walkers can also reinforce any dog training methods you are currently using. If required, we can even provide and use a training alarm during walks.

We guarantee that your dog will be safe and happy while getting an excellent workout. Rest assured that your dog is taken care of by qualified professionals who are passionate about pet care.

Why Hire Us To Walk Your Dog

Healthier Dog - Ensure that your dog is getting the necessary exercise.
Friendlier Dog - Interacting with dogs at the park will allow your dog to get rid of any unwanted behaviour towards other animals.
Calmer Dog - Regular walking will help your dog get rid of excess energy, helping them to be calmer and more relaxed at home

Walking Etiquette Training

Our professional dog walkers will teach your dog basic walking etiquette such as leash control. This means that the next time you take your dog for a walk, they will be more well-behaved, making your walks easier, less stressful and safer.

Walk More, Pay Less
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Lee Valley Dog Training School are specialists in canine behaviour modification and training. Our aim is to help owners eliminate behavioural problems and train dogs effectively.