Working Dogs

Effective protection, security and tracking training for both dogs and handlers.

Personal Protection, Security and Tracking Training in London and Hertfordshire

Lee Valley Dog Training School offers professional training to pets and working dogs across London and Hertfordshire. We train dogs and their handlers for commercial security, personal protection and tracking purposes.

Our dog training methods are simple, effective and easy to follow. We work with both handlers and pet owners to ensure that they are confident using the commands to control their dog.

Security Training

Security dogs are one of the most effective crime deterrents in the security sector. This is due to their ability to detect an intruder’s presence, as well as chase and challenge the individual effectively. They are also able to protect their handler when arresting or detaining a suspect.

Lee Valley Dog Training School have the necessary experience and expertise to train canines for effective security protection. Our team also trains security guards to effectively handle trained dogs. We offer one-on-one personalised training sessions for both dogs and handlers.

Protection Training for Families

Lee Valley Dog Training School offers personal protection dog training classes across London and Hertfordshire. We are able to effectively train dogs to deal with modern-day threats to family security. Our training will also help dogs stay attentive during dangerous situations.

Personal protection dogs are ideal for families and individuals who wish to improve security around their homes. With our help, not only will your dog listen to your commands, but he or she will be specifically trained to deal with a security breach at your home.

Our Personal Protection Training Benefits

Intruder Detection - Canines have excellent hearing and are able to notice any suspicious sounds around the house.
Crime Deterrent - Criminals are likely to bypass a house with security dogs.
Built-in Alarm System - When they hear an intruder, a security dog will bark, alerting not only you but also your neighbours.
Difficult to Disarm - Neutralising protection dogs is significantly more dangerous than disarming a digital alarm system.

Tracking Training

We teach dogs and handlers to work together, follow a track and find hidden items. For many owners this is fun hobby to enjoy with their best friend while getting a great workout.

Our Tracking Training Classes Will Teach You To

Setup a Basic Track - Lay a track using flags and lines.
Lay Scents - Create a scent for your dog to follow.

Manage Weather Impact - Learn how scents are affected by the wind and climate condition.
Line Handling - Control your dog while tracking.

Dog tracking classes are suitable for all dogs, no matter their breed, age, body mass or gender. Once you and your dog have completed our tracking course, you will receive your tracking certification and can start competing in tracking challenges.

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